Building people-centric brands
and the people to lead them

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Who we are&our purpose

We are a team of globally experienced advisors and subject matter experts who are passionate about marketing excellence based on customer closeness and maximising human potential.
Our core purpose is:

To inspire & enable people-centric marketing
strategy which drives brand growth

We are seasoned professionals who deliver elegantly simple, practical ways to do the job and help you win vs. your competition in this increasingly complex digital world.

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What we do

We are your partners for strategic agility, innovation and capability. We apply our global expertise and powerful toolkits to accelerate your profitable growth:


We put the consumer at the centre to solve strategic brand growth challenges using the principles of growth and aligning your entire enterprise to deliver solutions. This includes competitive war-gaming and future scenarios.


Discerning key trends (vs. fads) and understanding the job brands are hired to do to design truly disruptive innovation that competes at a “what’s coming after next” level. Includes design thinking and brand-led innovation programmes.

Marketing Capability

Professional capability building from diagnostic to deployment. Experiential face to face, and virtual programmes to drive breakthrough capabilities in insights, brand building, innovation, communications and digital agility.

Inspiring Insights
& Analytics

Developing the role of an insights & analytics organization in connecting with the consumer and inspiring growth plans. Driving insights teams to efficiently maximise business impact.

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Some typical projects and sectors

Our team has worked with leading global companies in CPG, financial  services, personal care/beauty, healthcare, pharma and B2B.

Helped a global CPG company create marketing expert communities of practice.
Created a new marketing curriculum and learning journeys for a leading pharma company.
Created a programme to build marketing capability in sustainable pack design for a global consumer goods company.
Helped an international food company discover new strategic growth platforms.
Developed a new innovation approach using design thinking for a global consumer health company together with experiential workshops.
Developed a transformational Integrated Marketing Communications programme for a leading FMCG company via developing a new way of working, solutions based workshops, eLearning and resource portals.
Helped a global food and drinks business find true purpose for its brands.

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Our Beliefs

We believe there is a real opportunity
to put PEOPLE, the customer, the consumer
and colleagues, at the center of the business
to drive success.

  • We have seen the power of engaging the entire organization on customer closeness to create winning brand strategy.
  • ​​​​​​​We know that brands succeed when the total experience they deliver does their job in consumers lives.
  • We believe in applying the latest marketing science approaches to simplify  the marketing job (mental & physical availability).
  • We like to think about marketing to a digital customer, rather than about digital marketing.
  • ​​​​​​​We believe that successful brands & teams (whether big or small) need a strong purpose. They must know WHY they do things.
  • ​​​​​​​We believe in unleashing peoples' potential. We understand that great capability building happens when it's fully baked into brand and marketing strategy to improve what people do in their job.

How we work

We work with our heads and hearts,
we believe in getting the best out of you and
out of us – we call this “human” consulting.

  • We are an established senior, multi-disciplinary team with deep subject matter expertise.
  • ​​​​​​​We stay with you throughout, from front end to flawless implementation.
  • We are known for light speed delivery of solutions that work.
  • ​​​​​​​We offer BIG consulting in a more agile and economical package.
  • ​​​​​​​We have a range of virtual, guided and do it yourself capability solutions all geared to GROWTH MINDSETS and behaviour change.
  • ​​​​​​​All our solutions are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs… ​​​​​​​and most of all PRACTICAL.
How we work Our Beliefs

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Our Team

We are a team of globally experienced advisors
and subject matter experts passionate about marketing
excellence based on customer closeness

Caroline Cook

An experienced Strategic Consultant for leading companies across multiple business sectors. Has held senior line marketing, integrated communications, innovation and category development roles. Capability Director and Head of the Marketing Leadership Academy for Kraft Foods, responsible for inspiring and enabling marketing excellence for 2500 marketers annually. Board Director, Brand Ambassador and Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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Maria Alvarado

Global insights & analytics transformational leader. 30 Years of experience in driving brand growth through embedding consumer & shopper understanding in business strategy.

Vice President and Global Head of Insights & Analytics for Mondelez International. Head of Consumer Insights & Strategy for Kraft Europe.

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Monica Juanas

Experienced Consumer & Shopper Insights professional with strong commercial background. Monica has held senior roles in the areas of Insights, Marketing Services and Commercial Strategy.

Director Insights & Analytics Biscuits Europe,and Snacking Insights & Shopper Lead in Mondelez Europe. Commercial Strategy and Trade Marketing Lead in Mondelez Iberia.

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